Working scripts and tools written in BASH ready to use as is or extend.
For example, upload files for scanning or grepping logs for URLs for scanning.

The scripts are up open source on GitHub and contain ample comments, so you can fork them and modify as you wish.

Also see Bash Kit Listing


Download from and extract to a folder.
Or simply run the commands below in any BASH shell.

curl -o ./
unzip -o
chmod +x ./*.sh

You’ll now have all the BASH scripts in the directory ready to use.


Usage pattern is to invoke the script with the scan target on the command line.

Scan a File

Use this script for submitting files for analysis To test connectivity run without no argument, it will default to scanning eicar.


To scan a named file, pass the file as a parameter
E.g. to have it scan itself use below.

./ ./

To scan the contents of named directory, specify a directory as parameter E.g. to scan the contents of the /tmp

./ /tmp

Scan a URL

Use this script for submitting urls for analysis To scan a url, pass it as a parameter
E.g. below shows scanning of a test url


Use Your Own API Key

To use additional features and the privacy of your own account, after registering with ScanCloud, sign in with your username and create an API key

After creating a key, the only change is to set the SP_API_KEY environment variable before running the scripts

export SP_API_KEY="your-api-key"


Having trouble? Contact ScanCloud