ScanCloud BASH Kit

Easily analyze objects from within your scripts.

Working scripts and tools written in BASH ready to use as is or extend.
For example, upload files for scanning or grepping logs for URLs for scanning.

The scripts are up open source on GitHub and contain ample comments, so you can fork them and modify as you wish.


What is the Bash Kit?

A collection of BASH shell scripts that run on Linux systems and allow you to submit urls and files for analysis using the ScanCloud platform backend. The plugin is designed either for general usage as is or as a starting point for other projects.

What are the features?

  • File scanning - Scan files and directories for malware.
  • URL scanning - Send urls for analysis.
  • Realy simply to use - Works out of the box with the anonymous free tier usage.
  • Run anyware - Works on any system with a BASH shell, Linux, Mac OSX, Chrome etc
  • ScanCloud Portal - With a registered API key you can access all the core ScanCloud features via the portal.

How does it work?

The scripts simply use the REST calls via the common curl tool on all Linux systems.
The scripts come pre-configured to use the anonymous API keys, so they will work out of the box (using the free tier default settings) but its easy to change that to use your own API keys and account.

How do I get started?

Simply follow the download link, download the .sh files and run them on any Linux system. They will work out of the box with no configuration.
Read the comments in the scripts or see the Bash Kit Docs for more detailed information.

To use additional features and the privacy of your own account, after registering with ScanCloud, sign in with your username and create an API key You can then use the ScanCloud portal to view activity, run reports and do deeper retrospective threat analysis.