Pricing & Subscriptions

ScanCloud offers subscriptions level with increasing usage quotas and features. Credits manage the underlying platform usage and can be topped up at any time. Read more....
Register only

Ideal to get started.

  • Private
  • All Solutions
  • 200 credits/month
  • 3 Keys
  • Free Tier Providers Only
  • Uploads limited to 5MB

Adequate for low usage.

  • Private
  • All Solutions
  • 2200 credits/month
  • 10 Keys
  • Free Tier + Premium

Popular for moderate usage.

  • Private
  • All Solutions
  • 20,200 credits/month
  • 25 Keys
  • Free Tier + Premium
  • Weekly Reports
  • Silver Support

Recommended for Enterprise.

  • Private
  • All Solutions
  • 200,200 credits/month
  • Unlimited Keys
  • Free Tier + Premium
  • Weekly Reports
  • Gold Support


Privacy is essential. Once you register with ScanCloud your Solutions activity logs are stored securely in our cloud and can only be accessed by you when you sign in to the systems or view reports. See our Privacy Policy for more details.


API keys are what connect your Plugins to the ScanCloud cloud so that they can use the security services. Anonymous users use the shared default keys. Once you are registered you create Keys from within your account and use them to authorise and manage your Keys. The number of Keys you can create increases with the subscription level you choose.


We provide different levels of support. For Bronze we will get to your email just as soon as we can, but we will get to it. For Silver we’ll respond within a week, for Gold we’ll give you a personal contact and respond with a working day and if there is an on going issue we’ll be working on it until it is resolved. See our Contact Page for more contact details.

Upload Limits

For services that require file uploads these are limited per upload to < 5MB for the Free subscription level.


Credits are consumed when plugins use the platforms security functions. Paid subscriptions come with different monthly credit quotas and credit rates. The number of credits used by a plugin depends on its usage (e.g. how many files you scan with it) and the Analyis Plan you have associated with the API key the Plugin is using. See our Analysis Configurations page to see the options and typical usage patterns.


Keys are at the heart of ScanCloud. You can use any prebuilt Plugins anonymously or with one of our registered subscription levels or you can create your own. See our Solutions Gallery to see all the Solutions available. Some Keys support configuration options via the ScanCloud portal which you can only access with Standard or higher subscriptions.

Free Tier

Each subscription level comes with 200 Free Tier credits a month. You can use these Free Tier Credits for any non Premium Analysis plans.

Topping Up

You can add credits by topping up from within you account at any time. If you run low on credits in a month your will get a notification and a grace period of 100 credits after which service will degrade to a base level of protection.